Spring break in April

A bunch of us gals will be in Cancun on spring break in April is everyone gone by then - how come there is nothing posted for people going in April


trying to find any hotties gonna be in Cancun the beggining of April - anyone anyone?

ill be there

Where are you staying?

A few of us lads are going from Chelsea london sounds like its gonna be fun!

I love an English accent

So where are you girls from?

going to cancun for spring break beginning of April, staying at Oasis cancun, we are looking to party hard!

3 of us live 20 min. outside of LA in a town called Santa Clarita. One girl lives in Tahoo. Let me tell you we know how to party. It will be interesting to see who can keep up.

So you know how to party hard - I've heard that before ! It would be good to hook up with you girls put you to the test. What dates are you going?

The second week of April - Please put us to the test!!

couple canadian guys goin as well!

That's great news, we reach on the 15th of April and we are staying at the Grand Caribe Real. Where are you staying? We should prepare the ride because it gonna be crazy we should def make it happen. Santa Clarita I've heard its a nice place to live!

It is great - sorry to say we are leaving 2 days before you arrive. We will try to save some alcohol for you.

Yeah make sure you do that, make sure you dont drink the place out before we get their I know what you young ladies can be like.

Anyways, if you have any idea of how we can touch base instead of on this forum Im open to any suggestions.

Here we go 3 gibraltarians Holla Back south of spain


Remember: No phone numbers, no email addresses and no website urls.