Travel safety

Is it safe to travel in a rented mercedes from Cancun to places of interest that are 200-300 km away? Hollywood (Rodriguez especially) movies do not create the safe feeling, so I will be grateful for an advice. Also, is it possible to hire an armed guard in Cancun to accompany a family on those travels?


Ha, ha, ha... this is the funniest post ever. You should stop watching movies and go on vacations more often. You are perfectly safe, donĀ“t need and armed guard believe me. Talk to friends of family that have traveled to this area of Mexico.

Thanks for the reply ) Well, I've met people from the States who still believe Russians go out to walk their bears instead of hanging out in bars or clubs, so it should come as no surprise that a backward Russian like me has some movie-induced myths about Mexico ))) As for vacations, I travel monthly, and semi-annually on vacations, but mostly to Bali or Seychelles. It would be my first time in Latin America - and no friends or family have ever been there either. Thank again )

PS I hate making obvious grammar errors so please please someone cut out the indefinite article before advice in my first post )

You can start by reading the information about Cancun and the Maya Riviera in this site, there a full guide of things to do, tours, shopping, places to visit. Cancun economy is based on tourism so you will feel very pampered and confortable here, we are very warm and nice people :)


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