Going to Cancun Oct. 22-29

Hi, i'm 24 and going to Cancun on my own October 22-29 - staying at the Blue Bay Getaway. Looking to meet some people before I go, if anyone is interested?


I am 36 yr old guy and going to Cancun Oct 21-28 alone too. Are you male or female? Where are you flying in from?

Hi, I'm a lady flying from Edmonton. You?

I am flying in from Minneapolis and staying at the Barcelo Tucancan

Hi, how come you're going to Cancun on your own? :)

Cuz all my friends are married and i could not find anyone to go with, and to get out of the cold weather, and cuz i have vacation i need to use by the end of the year, and my aunt and uncle will be at a hotel a mile down the beach. How bout you?

I am going t cancun on sunday I am really looking forward to going what a good club to go to.


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