Spending money

I´m heading to Cancun in June/July for two weeks on an all inclusive basis with 4 of my girl mates. We want to go out lots and go on a couple of day trips to Chichen Itza for example. How much do people recommend for a total spending amount? I´m a student so I need to keep the amount as low as possible! Any comments would be much appreciated thanks!


Usually, trips to chichen itza are around at least $80 per person. That usually includes lunch, but not drinks or snacks. Plus take money to buy cool souvenirs. So for a day trip, I would allow the cost of the trip + at least $40 extra. As far as drinks out- I don´t know. Alcohol was included at our resort, so we never to bars and there were all kinds of drunken activities on site.

depends, im from england so we wouldn´t find it as expensive as you guys from the US,im going on the 27th june for 2 weeks, what hotel are you staying at?

what days in july are you headed into cancun?

how much spending money for food in Cancun

I just got back from Cancun, I had the all inclusive package so I never ate anywhere but the hotel. My activities included the Party Hopper, Jungle Tour, shopping at the market and a another night out on the town and I spent aproximately $5-600 not counting my personal items.. ie pics I bought

You took $400 and came back with money? Did you do many activities? I'm going to look on the website you posted to see jus how much cheaper it is. Has anyone found any good airfares to Cancun for June? I know, I know, everything will be pricey this late huh?

How much spending money would ppl recommend me to take to cancun in july ? im in an all inc hotel and fancy doing a few trips and maybe hit the clubs once or twice. Ill be paying for 2 ppl aswell ?? THANKS

hey im from ireland going to cancun in july(cant wait)im jus wondering what type f money is better to bring pesos or dollors?


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