June 6 2006 - 15 English Lads hit cancun

I´m visting Cancun on 6 June with my friends...anyone else there that time?


my family and i are arriving on june 2nd for 8 days

I am arriving on June 24 for 1 week - two canadian girls to party away in Cancun with!!

What hotel are you english lads staying at?

Yep, 2 girls will be arriving from manchester on 14th june so get the beers boys we got a match to watch on the 15th

8 london lads arriving on the 27th june, be ready for us girls!!!

Me and 5 of my buddies arrive in Cancun on the 14th of June for a week in paradise.

Where´s the ladies for June 16th ?

8 london lads, where are you staying??, I fly out with my friend on 27th June. we are staying in the Grand Caribe real. where 2 irish girl!!!!

2 days to go boys! Lets hope you score better than England did on Sat! lol don´t forget its your round lads, c u thurs.

Anyone going the 21st-27th???

Irish girls, we're staying at the oasis playa, hopefully we'll bump into each other, whats your names?


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