Captain Hooks Pirate Cruise?

Going to cancun in January pirate cruise looks fun wondering if it is or if its kinda cheesy price seemed ok for a meal booze and three hours of entertainment any suggestions


It is a lot of fun.

We would highly recommend it. Very interactive, don´t expect to just sit there.

Highly recommended. We went in December 2004 and it was one of best nights out!! Like the other posts say dont expect to just sit there it is VERY interactive and hilarious!

go for it and pass on my regards to baracuda !!!

I was there in 2003 and it is worth the $$$$. Lots of dancing, laughing and drinking. Good Times!

I have been on this trip 4 or 5 times with the most recent time the end of Dec. 2005. Have been with friends and with family and kids. Each time is similar but lots of fun. The people make it or break it. Go on the trip expecting to have fun, take part in the funniness and you´ll come away with a big smile and happy memories. I usually get the lobster and I´m always happy with the food and drinks. It´s a fun, fun time!!

it had been recommended to us by many and we finally went Feb 2005 and it was a blast!!! the food was so so but the time was too too fun!! worth the $$$

It´s a great time i´ve done it twice you´ll have a ball.

Can you do this if you are cruising to Cozumel?

If your going to be traveling by cruise ship they normal are docked for the day and this a night excersion. I´d say no. If you able do it its a great time .Ive done 3 times would do it again.

hi, do you know if they cater for vegetarians? im going in a few weeks and would love to do this, but wont eat meat or fish? thanks

5/16/2006 We went on this dinner cruise and it was most definitely the highlight of our week´s vacation in Cancun. The food was great and the entertainment was truly amazing and I don´t remember having that much fun in a long time. Well worth the cost!

did anyone get sea sick, and how about kids, 5 & 8 reccomended or not?

I wouldn't bring my kids. It's more of a night out partying than a family friendly cruise. Well worth the 90 bucks, and I will do it again.

Is there single young people there? like in the mid 20's?

I went last week for the second year in a row! I love it. I recommend it to everyone. The food is okay, but the entertainment is great!!

Great, I just booked mine!


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