Swimming with Dolphins at la Isla

Does anyone know if I go for a swim with dolphins at La Isla shopping Mall Sea Aquarium, what does it cost if my boyfriend comes in to take pictures!!


It isn´t possible that someone just joins to take pictures. The big business for companies offering Swimming with Dolphins is actually the selling of pictures and videos.

But I asked it at the parque Nizuc and there it is possible. There he has to pay the entrance and then he can make pictures. At La Isla it isn`t possible at all? Even when he pays the entrance? What is the entrance price?

The Aquarium and the Swimming with Dolphins facilities are separated. Only the participants of Swimming with Dolphins programs have access to those facilities. The same happens at Atlantida Cancun. There is a visitor platform at this facility but it is so far away that you see the dolphins just as points ;)

Oke thanks,that is clear! Which one is the best program?

What does interactive program mean?Is that nice also or not? I saw on this site when you reserve your ticket online you`ll save $29 entrance.Does it is the price minus the $29 or is it normally $29 more expansive?

You save $29 USD means that you save the entrance to the park. Atlantida Cancun is part of Wet´n´Wild water amusement park. By participating in the Atlantida Cancun interactive programs you get free entrance to the park.

Interactive Program: This program is called like this because the events are very interactive between you and the dolphins and not just presentations by the dolphins. You can touch them they push you by your feet and you get a dolphin kiss.

I did the dolphin encounter at La Isla (interactive aquarium) back in Nov 2000, it had only just opened; As it happened, I was terrified of them, so was reassured by the fact we were in a pool! My point however is that I paid for a video, and when I got home to watch it - it was blank, just music in background! very dissappointing, as I certainly would not do it again, but would have like the proof.

Upon experiences to Cancun; the dolphin experience has been the best at X-Caret. Isla Mujeres does not compare. Plan on a full day at X-Caret.

I filmed and took pictures at Xcaret the swim with dolpins area no problem.No charge, 8 years ago though. Paul.Yorkshire uk


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