please someone who really knows the gist of the water issues!!! Can you drink drinks w/ ice. I am a bacardi drinker and will assume the bars/clubs put ice in their drinks. Is it safe???? Some sites say it is purified then their is the one titled "Drinking Water" which states once it melts (which it will obviously do) it is not safe.. WHAT IS THE TRUTH ?


It is safe, donĀ“t worry.

I drank Bacardi and rum for a week on Isla Mujeres and did not get sick once.

Not all water supplies in Mexico are contaminated and many hotels/resorts have water purification systems that eliminate risk. Cancun hotel zone has large-scale water purification systems which provide safe water city-wide. The best advice is to exercise caution when in doubt. Roadside and popular food stalls specifically should be avoided. When out drinking and dining ask for bottled water and order drinks without ice.


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