Cell phone service

My Verizon cell phone did not work at all and we wcouldn┬┤t make head or tals from the taped error message in Spanish


what is your tel number

I meant the tel number of discovery mexico.com

Our phone number is published during office time on our hotel search page (<a href="http://hotels.discoverymexico.com" target="_blank">Mexico Hotels</a>)Office time is from 9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm central time.

will cingular or cellular south phones work?

Verizon, cingular, tmobil all work in Mexico, you have to dial country code, area code and then the number, which will be 001 for USA. ex. 001-xxx-xxx-xxxx. Then it should work, but sometimes they have brown outs down there with the towers and satellites, so it isn't neccessarily always the cell phone carrier. Goodluck

if i have bought a cell phone in the us will it work in mexico to call the us

yea it should work.

how much would it cost to turn on your phne


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