Identification Papers to enter Mexico

I do not have a passport. What papers do I need to take with me besides my birth certificate and picture id? Do I have to get papers when I reach Mexico?


I hope not... I´m going next week and that´s all I´m bringing. I´ll probably take my social security card too, just incase!

what i need.

i need an anwser because i travel next week

That is all you need until Dec. 31, 2006 after that date a US passport will be required to re-enter the US.Also you will fill-out a tourist customs card the airline will provide for you. After you go trough customs, they will give you the bottom part back and you will need to save that part to present at the airport when you leave Mexico.

Hey...we are going the 21st...where you staying. I am taking a bunch of 18 year olds on their senior trip. I know all the hot spots...been going for years.

my passport is expired and I just renew it can I still travel to mexico in january 6,2207

I need an answer because I need to travel next week for an emergency

If you have a passport I dont see why not.

Papers required to enter the Dominican Republic

My husband is from Glasgo but living in alberta for twenty years,,,he has a birth certificate from glasgo and drivers license from sherwood park, alberta We are going to mexico myan riviera will this be enough.

You are now required to have a passport to travel to and from Mexico! See the passport regulations website on line...


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