Drinking Water?

My husband andI are considering coming to RUI for our honeymoon. We have a 7month old baby and are wondering if the water is purified at this specific hotel and how safe it is to bath and wash bottles etc.. in the water there.


Better to buy bottled water - be careful especially about ice as they use non-purified water for ice and as it melts it enters your food or drinks ! But don´t worry, all resorts have plenty of bottled water.

I stayed at a RIU resort in Cabo San Lucas. Did you mean the RIU? Supposedly all the water is purified that they use for ice, washing fruits/vegetables etc.. There was bottled water in the rooms though. I ate lots of fruits & veggies (including salad bar) and it was fine. My 3 yr old son was with me and took baths without a problem. We used bottled water to brush teeth and hand sanitizer for hands though just to be on safe side and of course never actually drank water other then the bottled stuff.....I think you´ll be fine for bathtimes but I´d go with bottled water to rinse out bottles or just bring disposable bottles if you can.

What is wrong with Mexico's drinking water? Is something that could be fixed easily?

You can remedy this issue by just drinking beer all the time.

to Mexicans there is nothing wrong with it, to Americans who are used to treated water, it will make you get the runs

what about the water in cozumel at the all inclusive resorts is it safe to drink?

We're making our 10th trip to Coz in Mar. 07. The resorts provide you with plenty of bottled water. We've been lucky as far as stomach ailments, (KNOCK WOOD........ Never drink from the faucets there. They don't have purificaiton standards like the US does.

To all that have experience...I was told the ice is ok to have in drinks is this true??

It is almost funny the way you are concern about mexico's water, it is as if we where asking questions and questions about the transgenic food and junk food your eat in the US before traveling there. Please!!!!

My husband and I both developed gastrointestinal problems when traveling to Mexico. Be careful.


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