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Do cel phones work in Cancun?


does verizon cell phones work in acapulco?

will my verizon work in cancun? If so what are the charges? called Verizon and was told .69 roaming puls plus but they could not tell me what the plus plus would cost per minute??

I used my Nextel in Cancun--like others,no outgoing,only in calls----BUT----the two way worked fine!!! 29cents per min

what about texts >

from mexico to canada is there an inexpensive way to call or get calls. I phoned Bell and they added something to my cell phone but said it would $2.79 plus, plus had no idea how much extra.

sprint did not work. I was just there. Although they said it would.

Will my Cellular One or US Cellular phones work in Cancun?

My US Cellular phone did not work this week in Mexico.

My Sprint phone did not work for me either this past week.

MY NEXTEL HAD DIRECT CONNECT LIKE IT WAS NEXT DOOR! Incomming calls only unless u activateinternational calling.

My verizon phone cost me .70 a minute when I was there in March. Going again this week...hope it is the same. I am not sure what the plus is...they didn´t tell me that.

yea i will see

Will my nextel work in cancun for incoming calls if I add international to it? If so, do you know the charges?

Sprint/Nextel Customer Support was not much help. They said it will work for $2 a minute. Another operator told me it would not work. Yet another told me it would be 29 cents a minute. I guess I´ll just try it when I go down there.

If I have no international plan and incoming calls work in cancun how much is it gunna cost a minute? Because it works... I´ve been using it.

My Verizon cell phone did not make outgoing calls in rosarito.

Was between Playa Del Carmen and Cancun this in January 2007. Our Sprint phone didn´t work, but a co-worker´s Nextel´s Walki Talki worked. Co-Worker couldn´t call out on his Nextel though. I believe we need to activate International Service on our Sprint to have it work in Mexico. As far as the cost of a call using Sprint in Mexico, it sounds like it´s anywhere from 29 cents/minute to 2 dollars. If anyone knows for sure, let all of us Sprint users know.

Do Cingular cell phones work in Cancun?

so does sprint work ?

how do you find out how many minutes you have left - I thought it was *333 but that isn´t it


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