Cellular Phones

Do cel phones work in Cancun?


t-mobile does

How about Sprint?

Verizon does. It worked everywhere. Even on the water for the most part going to Isla Mujeres.

T-Mobile does but it is expensive.

I´m from the US and I cruised to Cozumel last April. My Cingular Prepaid phone worked there. I couldn´t call out because I couldn´t understand what the lady was saying when I tried to call out (guess I need to work on my spanish) but I got call coming in and it worked great.

So once i get to cacun i don´t have to pay or anything??? i just take my cellular phone and start talking? CoOl! If nOt i´m screwed!

Does metro pcs work in cancun?

Any recent news on Sprint? Does it work at Playa Del Carmen or Cancun?

I went to Cancun in April. Before I left, I bought $50 of minutes for my prepaid Cingular phone. I couldn´t call out but the calls coming in were very clear. The minutes cost the same as if I were home.

You have to have your provider add the international call option to your phone. This should be at no fee. I had verizon and had no problem calling out. 75 cents a minute.

Nextel still doesn´t work. My daughter had something done to her phone before leaving and could use her Sprint phone. Call your carrier!<BR />Enjoy !!

do cell phones work in puerta vallarta?

My cell for Rogers worked fine in the Myan callling home to canada but it costs a few bucks

Does t-mobile work in Puerta Vallarta?

If you are going to be in Mexico for a while and your phone uses a SIM´s chip, you can buy another SIM;s chip in Mexico for about $20.00us. Only problem is it will be a Mexican number.

Does anyone know if US Cellular works in Cancun. I imagine incoming is as same as if you were at your home area. What about outgoing?

Does telus work from the mayan? is it digital?

Does Verizon work in Puerto Vallarta and how expensive?

How about Verizon or Nextel in Isla Majeres?

Does Alltel Phone Service work in Maya Riveria


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