Age restrictions @ Night Clubs? (2nd)

Are they really strict in Cancun on fake IDs? I´m going to Cancun on my Senior trip, and I will be the only one that won´t be 18 at the time... YIKES,,and pointers or suggestions?


no problem.

when are you going ?

I have been to Mexico 5 times. You may get into a club no problem but if they raid the club and you are caught underage....lookout...mexican prisions are NOT like our system and you will find youself locked up in a very dangerous situation VERY SCARY. There isnt a phone call or a court lawyer on their way. Think twice about going to a club underage.

i was 17 when i went 2 summers ago, they wont ask for ID most of the time. we were asked at our hotel and every restaurant what we wanted to drink.

I was wondering, is the age limit to drink there 21 also or is it 18? So I can legally get into the clubs if i am 18 right?

I was in Mexico both when i was 14 and 16 and was never once asked for ID to have a drink. Mind you i was with my parents but local people told me you have to be 16. It could have changed so don´t take my word for every place you go.

I also heard from a couple different sources the minimum age is 16. My 17 year old daughter also heard that!!! Guess who isn´t leaving my sight!

Minimal age is 18.

We just got back from Cancun. We were asked for ID at every club and at our hotels. However, I am 21.

My husband and I stayed at an All Inclusive hotel (Blue Bay Getaway) No one ever asked for our ID when we booked the room or other wise. It is an adult only resort, lots of topless people, 5 swimming pools, lots and lots of alcohol. They even play sexy games around the pool each afternoon. Ideal place to let your hair down and party.


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