Isla Mujeres - Where to Stay?

Any suggestions for a place to stay in Nov 2007-I can't really choose between the Posada del Mar or the Cristalmar Resort. I would like a fridge in my room and my husband must have a tv to fall asleep. Any help would be appreciated.


The Cristalmar Resort is a taxi ride to most anything and the bathrooms smell like sewage. Also one night there was the loudest music I have ever heard that went on until 7:00 am. There is no TV in the bedroom. They do have a fridge however. Go to and read the chat room pages. There are a lot of wonderful places to stay there, but the Cristalmar is not one of them. I have not stayed at the Posada Del Mar. We had an apartment called Color de Verano and we loved it. Comes with a full kitchen, TV in the bedroom, big balcony, bicycles and many more amenities.


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