Pre scheduling Activities online

Is pre planning/scheduling activities online cheaper and easier or is it ok to wait till we get there? If it saves a lot of $ then I would like to preplan them but am afraid to change minds upon arrival due to other activities going on. Assuming it will be easier to figure out what we want to do when we get there, unless things get filled up easy?...


Is up to you.

After you pick up your baggage in Cancun, you will be bombarded with people trying to get you to listen to their time share spiel. They will offer you $ off on some tours if you go look at another hotel. Doing that is not worth the hassle, believe me. If you have limited time, I would go ahead and schedule my events so you can plan your itinerary. I didn't make a schedule and I wasted a lot of time. Also, I took the 60 cent tour on the bus. That was fun! Well worth the 60 cents, with live music and everything! Hope this helps you a little bit and I hope you have a wonderful vacation.


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