Whats the best activity swimming w/dolphins

We are going to mexico today please give advice


We will need to know which city are you visiting to give you advice about the best places to swim with dolphins.

We are going to Cancun. And would like to know the same question as previous one....?

we are going to huatulco

For the one coming to Cancun the best places to Swim with dolphins is Xcaret or Xel-Ha if you want to also enjoy other activities in an ecological park, if you just want to swim with dolphins you can also go to Dolphin Discovery they also have great programs. For the people going to Huatulco, I think there is not swimming with dolphins in that area.

tell us whats it like swimming with dolphins

I dove with dolphins and its a great experience. they r very friendly and playful. and the trainers try to make sure everyone gets some attention and time with the dolphins. its a must. we r going witht he kids in april and all of us r swimming with them at xcaret.

I was going to pre schedule certain activities 1 being the dolphin swim but after reading descriptions I am confused. What is the difference between "Dolphin Atlantida Cancun" and "Dolphin Interactive Program Atlantida Cancun?"


For the difference between Dolphin Atlantida Cancun and Dolphin Interactive Program Atlantida Cancun - I am not certain, but perhaps the first one only allows you to look at and photograph the dolphins and the interactive lets you swim with them.

do both the XCARET and the Xel-Hel have swimming with the dolphins? Do both places allow you to touch the dolphins and do the foot push???

Yes and Yes they both do

where is the best place & price for swimming with the dolphin

that is for Mayan riviera

where is the best place & price for swimming with the dolphin


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