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  • International Airport Mazatlan


Mazatlan has an International airport with direct flights from the USA and many Mexican cities. The airport offers every kind of services to travelers, from duty free shop to car rental.


About International Airport Mazatlan

The airport comprises 2 concourses. Concourse 1 serves domestic flights mainly from and to Mexico City, Monterrey, Los Cabos, Tijuana etc… Concourse 2 is for international flights, and includes major airlines such as Continental Airlines, US Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Airlines. There are daily flights to Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Phoenix. Inside concourse 2 you will find money exchange services, Immigration, duty free shops, banks, ATM and a small food court.
There are several rental car agencies located at the airport, at the arrival gates. Take advantage of the discount when buying your taxi fare inside the airport, at the Taxi Bureau. You can save up to US$2.00

The General Rafael Buelna Airport is located 17 miles outside Mazatlan. The airport is easy to reach by taxi or bus using highway 15. From Mazatlan to the airport the taxi ride lasts around 30 minutes and costs an average of $15.00 USD. From the airport to the hotels, you will need to use an official taxi (Yellow ones) with slightly higher rates, between $17 and $20 USD.

Please be advised that the only cabs allowed to transfer people from the airport are the yellow cabs waiting outside. These are fully insured and registered by the authorities. Don't put your vacation at risk by trying to get a small taxi.

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