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  • Market 23


The first market built in the city of Cancun was Market 23. It was the place to get all you needed, as there were only 1 or 2 supermarkets. Now things have changed. With more than 15 supermarkets in Cancun, market 23 is adapting slowly and now it offers traditional handicrafts stores besides the goods stores.


About Market 23

In Market 23 you will find literally thousands of gifts to bring back to your friends. It is a very traditional market, selling handicrafts from all over Mexico. You will also find several little places to enjoy cheap and great Mexican food, including tacos. Don't miss the part where there are butcheries, dairy products, vegetable shops and so on… The market is only a few blocks away from the main bus terminal and famous Yaxchilan Av. featuring and restaurants and entertainment.

Reaching Market 23 is fairly easy. From the Hotel Zone just take "Ruta 1" bus. This one go straight to downtown and through Tulum Avenue. It will drop you off right at the entrance of the market. By taxi, simply ask for Market 23 as it is well known by everybody in Cancun. We suggest you to take at least 4 hours to tour around all the stores.

Most of the shops accept US dollars but we strongly suggest you to bring pesos as their exchange rate is not the best in town. Almost no one will accept credit cards. Visiting Market 23 will give you an insight to the Mexican daily life.

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  • Located in Cancun Downtown
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