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  • Cenacolo, Cancun

  • Italian

Cenacolo Ristorante Italiano, without a question the best Italian restaurant in town, introduces itself as an ambassador of Italian traditions. After arriving to Mexico, Amati family founded Cenacolo in 1988 with the purpose to offer the pleasure and taste of traditional Italian food and wine.


About Cenacolo

Cenacolo Ristorante Italiano is located in Plaza Kukulcan, which is one of the most visited shopping malls in Cancun and its Hotel Zone. This mall is on km. 13 Kukulcan Boulevard. To arrive to Plaza Kukulcan, just take the bus on Kukulcan Boulevard towards km 13 if you are staying at any hotel between km 2 to 11, or towards downtown if you are at any hotel between km 14 to 24.

Two main aspects distinguish Cenacolo, hospitality and fine dining. Since the restaurant is administered and served by its Italian owners, food and wine are always under rigorous supervision. For instance, following the best Italian culinary traditions, Cenacolo serves handmade pasta using the finest products. The recipes have passed from generation to generation showing respect for ancestral traditions and warrantying outstanding gastronomic experiences.

From cold and hot appetizers and salads to pizza, pasta, and meat, to fish, sea food, and succulent garnishes, Cenacolo offers high quality amidst elegance and friendly ambiance. Undoubtedly, for a cordial and joyful atmosphere, a good wine will always be the perfect match to superb meals. Therefore, it is suggested to take a look to the impressive wine and liquor list and decide on the best wine you feel like choosing.

When coming to Cancun and thinking of the best choice to dine, simply come to Cenacolo.

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  • Cuisine Italian
  • Located in Cancun Hotel Zone
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