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  • The City, Cancun

The City, Cancun

The City is the biggest night club in Latin America, with a capacity of over 4,000 people. Located in the Hotel Zone, rigth next to Plaza Forum by the Sea. Incredible shows, Rock, Rap, and Pop music all night long...


About The City

Expect to enter the biggest nightclub you've ever been to, dance floor in 4 levels, the greatest artists around (Snoop Dog, MTV Headquarter for the Spring Break 2005, Paul Oakenfold, Destiny's Child, Lindsay Lohan). What happens when you mix the best DJ's, the best light effects, a huge crowd, and a lots of bars? You have the perfect nightclub, just a few steps from the major hotels.

It is located where All Star Cafe used to be, next to Plaza Forum by the Sea, on Km 8.5 in the Hotel Zone, in the heart of the nightclub district. Just ask any taxi driver, they all know how to get you there for a night of fun. Every bus in the Hotel Zone makes a stop here too. You can't get lost. The City is open 24 hours a day (Beach Club and restaurant), but the night club opens at 10:00pm everyday. As the newest club in Cancun, it features an incredible laser show from its roof, which can be seen from miles away.

Cover charge is $20.00 Usd and the All You Can Drink (National Open Bar) is $40.00 Usd. We strongly suggest you to arrive early as it gets really crowded and you can wait quite a bit before getting in.

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  • Located in Cancun Hotel Zone
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