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  • Club Over 30, Cancun


Club Over 30 is located on the lagoon and it's the perfect place to enjoy classic Rock from the 80's. They feature a new concept in Cancun for people over 30 years old to hang out and have fun with the music that was popular some years ago.


About Club Over 30

You like the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, and all the hit parade between the 70's, 80's and 90's... You you are at the right spot. Great ambiance. Participate in karaoke contest or just come and have fun with your friends. The staff offer great service, plenty of good time, and a night you won't easily forget...

It is located next to Marina Punta del Este, on Km 10.3 in the Hotel Zone. Club Over 30 opens its doors at 8:00pm for a night full of rock and pop. The place features a beautiful view of the Lagoon and its islands. Their motto is "Your age group, Your music, Your drinks and Your fun". We guarantee you will spend a great night at Club Over 30.

Club Over 30 has no cover, neither they offer an All You Can Drink at the moment. They are located in front of Hyatt Cancun Caribe. There is a valet parking if you are coming by car, and each bus in the Hotel Zone pass by their parking lot.

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  • Located in Cancun Hotel Zone
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